Photo by Kiyana Tehrani

Photo by Kiyana Tehrani

Emily Rae Rosenstein is a Los Angeles based fashion consultant, stylist, personal shopper, creative director, and writer. 

She currently works for Mona Moore, a high-fashion women's boutique, as a fashion consultant and media manager. In this role she wears many hats-she contributes content to the Mona More website, brainstorms blog posts, and personally shops and styles her clients for everyday life. 

Emily is also wardrobe stylist where she collaborates with musicians, models, actors, and fashion publications for their creative projects. 

She is a freelance writer who currently is an editorial contributor for various L.A. based publications. 

Emily also works with emerging designers and creative individuals, offering creative direction services. 

Emily's broad range of experiences within the fashion industry has given her a unique perspective and skill set.