The Darling Suit

I feel at times I exhaust the word "cute" in describing exceptional fashion. But I feel as though cute darling are perfect adjectives to describe this COMME des GARÇONS puppy-tooth print, ruffle suit. I fell in love with the suit jacket when I tried it on. I feel as if this jacket is a perfect embodiment of my personal style-classic with a twist, and always fun. 


I styled the suit with a basic Uniqlo HEATTECH turtleneck shirt. I am obsessed with how turtlenecks look under suit jackets. It makes the suit not look as serious as a suit can potentially look. The sleekness of the turtleneck paired nicely with the somewhat large in diameter ruffle coat. If I could go back I would even try styling it with a bright colored turtle neck--a mustard, sapphire blue, or even cherry red. Whatever the season may be, I will always be rocking a turtleneck. 

In the shoe department, I styled the suit with my trusty Carel Paris "Kina" mary-janes. They're my favorite little dress shoe--I love how sleek they looked with the largeness of the suit. They seriously look amazing with anything. 

Puppy Tooth Ruffle Suit: COMME des GARÇONS

Turtleneck shirt:  Uniqlo HEATTECH

Mary-Janes: Carel Paris


Shot by: Jerald Johnson



With the start of new year, we all strive to actualize our dreams and goals. It's also a time of self-reflection, a time to reassess what we really want for our lives. In 2017, I am striving to be more active in my creative pursuits, including sharing with the world how personal style is one of the most interactive forms of art.  

As I look back on 2016, and what I hope to change in myself in 2017, I am reminded of how our artistic expression is in flux. My subjects of my writing, inspiration, and style are constantly changing, and the core of my personal style is taking form.

I shot with my best friend, and my creative muse, Chandler Kennedy. She is a constant source of inspiration for me, and she is someone who constantly pushes me to keep creating. She assisted with the creative direction of this shoot. I felt inspired by the modernity of Yohji Yamamoto's Y's Resort collection and the gloomy weather that we've been experiencing here in Los Angeles. The simplicity of his designs are always so elegant, so clean. Likewise with the darkness and gloom that winter brings, there is something refreshing and beautiful that allows creativity to flourish.

There is something so sleek about a black turtleneck. I thought this bell-sleeved version from Need Supply Co. looked gorgeous underneath the cream jumpsuit-for a more modern and romantic vibe. 

My boss gave me these gorgeous Ann Demeulemeester oxford slides, which I've worn everyday since last week. I've never seen anything quite like them--a bit intense, yet very soft. 

I tied this look together with my mother's simple gold jewelry. There is something so subtle and exquisite about gold accents, especially when they are paired with neutrals. 

I hope 2017 will be a good year for all of us. 

Outfit details:

Jumpsuit: Y's by Yohji Yamamoto

Bell-Sleeve Turtleneck: Need Supply Co. 

Oxford Slides: Ann Demeulemeester

Select pieces available at Weathervane for Women

All photos by @chandlerkennedy

My Editorial with SUSPEND Magazine

My very first editorial was published a few days ago, and to say that I'm thrilled is an understatement. 

Eight months ago, I started my job here at Weathervane, and I also began to conceive this website..and here I am today, making progress. I've been working very hard to exercise every creative muscle in my body, while making connections with people and brands that I am passionate about. Suspend Magazine is a very special publication to me. Not is it only one of the dopest emerging magazines in Los Angeles, but their team is extremely hardworking, creative, and collaborative. From the minute I walked into Diane's apartment the day of the shoot, I felt extremely welcomed, and as if I was hanging out with my group of close friends. There was great, creative energy in the space, and the whole team and myself worked so fluidly together. I believe the best creative projects are formed when we collaborate with people we love, and we feel connected to! We laughed and we talked about life during our shoot. It was a lot of fun. 

Diane is an amazing photographer, she captured who I am and what my style represents so beautifully. Read the full editorial here. 

Outfit details: My mesh top is vintage. It belonged to my mother in the 90's. It's hands down one of the best pieces in my closet. Denim pants are Y's by Yohji Yamamoto. These pants will definitely make you want to ditch your skinny jeans. My single strap heels which remind me of Posh Spice are from Aldo. Even though I don't wear high heels that often, these are my go to shoe when I need some height. 

I love the bright coat that we pulled from Katie's closet. It reminded me of the colorful feedback from a T.V. I paired it with one of my many pairs of vintage Levi's. My tank top is from Jordan Casillas's capsule collection Loose Morals. It's seriously the best muscle tee soft! And to put the cherry on top of this look, I wore my rose-colored Adidas Superstar sneakers. 

Welcome to the edgier side of my style. I fell in love with this BornxRaised hoodie when I saw the rose and the words "till death do us apart" printed boldly on the the back. How romantic. This hoodie made me struck a chord in my heart for sure. My jeans (one of the few skinny jeans I still wear) are from Civilianaire. The boots are Balenciaga. 

Follow Suspend Magazine on Instagram here. 

Photography by Diane Abapo, Photo Assistance by Christy J Kim, Assistant Styling by Katie Ann Row, Produced by Hannah Song




Deprepping the Preppy-Thom Browne SS16

Spring and Summer aren't my favorite seasons for fashion. I'm normally bored with pastel colors, floral prints, cutesy rompers, cotton sun dresses...yawn. However, since I began my career at Weathervane for Women, I've become impressed and interested in what designers are putting out for their Spring/Summer collections.  We just began carrying Thom Browne, whom I was unfamiliar with before we received his collection. His sources of influence are brilliant, and his design skills and craftsmanship are absolutely stunning.  While integrating Spring and Summer elements, he collected his influence from nature, and Japanese school girls. The collection has somewhat of a preppy allure, which is something I would normally shy away from. But I decided to embrace the Japanese prep school vibe, and style some of my favorite pieces to my liking. 

This woven blazer is everything. I decided to wear it with a classic white t-shirt and my absolute favorite jeans by Yohji Yamamoto. The jacket alone is a little too serious for my taste, so I had to style it in a way that was more casual and playful. I also loved the contrast of the dark indigo denim and the light pink and blue pastel colors in the jacket. 

Known for his exquisite tailoring, Thom Browne always designs a suit every season. Here I'm wearing my favorite pieces: a soft grey embroidered floral coat and classic wool trousers. The trousers came with a matching suit jacket, but I wanted to break up the set by wearing the coat instead. Once again, if the pieces are isolated they can look a bit stuffy, so I styled them in way that wasn't proper, but sporty. 

Catch me doing the splits mid-air at your Grandmother's high-tea! Just kidding. 

When you think you can't wear a piece because its too preppy or too tailored, think again! You can embrace different styles by wearing them in a way that fits your steelo :) 





The Undercover Power Suit

When I get dressed in the morning, I ask myself how my outfit speaks to others. But seriously. The way we dress is a visual form of communication to our outside world. If we throw on a pair of old sweats and and a beat up high school sweatshirt Monday morning, we’re essentially telling our world that today, I simply do not care. It not only sends a message of apathy to others, but to ourselves. When I’m feeling down in the dumps, I try to dress in a way that counteracts those feelings. Playing into my sour mood by wearing the clothes to match won’t make me feel any better. So to brighten my mood, I power dress.

Power dressing is traditionally defined as a fashion style that allows women to establish their authority in a professional environment typically dominated by men. However, I see power dressing as a tool to establish authority over negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness, and boredom. So when I put on this fun little suit by Undercover, I was elated. It made feel amazing.

I love Undercover because their designs are always fun and playful..and a good way! Wearing anything designed by Jun Takahashi is enough to lift your spirits. The suit is apart of their SS16 collection which was inspired by the circus and the Rolling Stones. The draped silk ribbons are remnants of a ring masters uniform, and the buttons feature the faces of the once youthful Stone members. You can zip and unzip the back panel of the jacket as well as the sleeves. The suit literally embodies entertainment.

Wearing this suit evoked a pulsating energy within me. I heard Brown Sugar and the voices of children cheering with delight. A rock concert and a circus. How could I not feel happy?

Undercover is available exclusively at Weathervane for Women. 


Last Sunday was the perfect Spring Day. Everything felt so crisp, airy, and light, so I felt inspired to dress this way. 

I'm currently obsessed with bomber jackets, so when I saw this Yohji Yamamoto cotton bomber I was like YASSSS. I'm not a huge fan of ruffles, but the way Yohji incorporated them into this piece created the right amount of whimsy and femininity. 

My shirt is Cauliflower by Issey Miyake, one of Miyake's many sub-lines. All of his Cauliflower pieces have this really interesting "cauliflower-like" texture. He makes an ordinary t-shirt into something special which I love. 

My Vetements jean's are the best jeans I've ever owned. I can go on and on about how much I love Vetements and Gvaslia's image behind the brand, which is why I love these pants so much. From the fit to their unique construction, these jeans stand out in a crowd. They're made from old Levi's, which the designer deconstructs and sews them back together in a unique way.  I'll be rocking these all year long.

I wear my Stan Smith's with everything. There essential to every modern woman's wardrobe. Screw the heels I say!

Thanks for reading this y'all. These pieces are available exclusively at Weathervane for Women.